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Transform your health and achieve your weight loss goals within the supportive and structured environment of Optimum Peak Wellness’s in-house medical weight loss program. Our expert team, including licensed medical doctors, clinical pharmacists, and kinesiologists, collaborates to create a personalized plan for you. We offer the latest advancements in weight loss solutions, such as semaglutide and peptide therapy, alongside comprehensive guidance on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modifications. Experience the difference of a medically supervised program designed to propel you towards sustainable weight loss, improved health markers, and a revitalized sense of well-being.



Semaglutide Weight Loss Program

Experience the transformative power of semaglutide for enhanced weight loss results within the supportive environment of our in-house program. This clinically-proven medication works to boost feelings of fullness, reduce hunger, and improve your body’s insulin sensitivity. Benefit from the personalized guidance of our licensed medical doctors, clinical pharmacists, and kinesiologists as they tailor your dosage and create a comprehensive plan to support your weight loss journey. Achieve sustainable success and a healthier you with our in-house Semaglutide Weight Loss Program.

Semaglutide Program

1-on-1 Training

Semi-Private Training

 4 Month Supply of Semaglutide*

  • Initial Doctor Telehealth Appointment
  • Optional Monthly:
    • Nurse Dosing Check-in
    • Questions
    • Weight & Measurements

Discount for Additional Monthly Purchases

Learn More About Our IVs and Semaglutide

Our in-house weight loss program offers a powerful combination of therapies for optimal results. Experience the benefits of revitalizing IV therapy to boost energy, enhance nutrient delivery, and support your weight loss. You’ll also have access to semaglutide, a clinically-proven medication that helps reduce appetite and optimize metabolism. Click on the images below to learn more about how these therapies can be personalized for your weight loss journey.



Peptides Weight Loss Program 

Unlock the natural power of peptides for safe and effective weight loss with our in-house Peptide Therapy Weight Loss Program. These cutting-edge compounds work with your body’s own systems to optimize metabolism, boost energy, and support healthy weight management. Our team of medical professionals carefully designs a personalized peptide protocol, offering in-depth consultations and continuous monitoring. Experience the benefits of a holistic, science-backed approach to weight loss and improved overall well-being.

Peptide Platinum

1-on-1 Training

Semi-Private Training

Peptide Gold

1-on-1 Training

Semi-Private Training

Peptide Silver

1-on-1 Training

Semi-Private Training

Learn More About Our IVs and Peptides

Our in-house weight loss program offers a comprehensive approach to achieving your goals. We provide access to a range of cutting-edge therapies, including revitalizing IV therapy to boost energy, enhance nutrient delivery, and support your weight loss journey. You’ll also have the option to incorporate ipamorelin for improved fat burning, better sleep, and increased lean muscle mass Additionally, AOD-9604 can be used to target stubborn fat deposits and accelerate your weight loss results. Click on the images below to learn more about how these therapies can be tailored to your individual needs!


Meet Our Team of Weight Loss Pros

All Optimum Peak Wellness weight loss programs, in-house and at-home, involve a dedicated team of medical professionals to guide you every step of the way. You’ll have access to consultations with a licensed medical doctor for overall program oversight, a clinical pharmacist to ensure medication safety and efficacy (if applicable), a licensed nutritional coach, and kinesiologists to create personalized exercise plans for optimal results.

Luke Marinkovich

Founder & Kinesiologist

Dr. Frank Marinkovich

Medical Doctor

Cynthia Garcia

Registered Nurse


We’re Here For You.

Optimum Peak Wellness distinguishes itself in the way we approach exercise and health. OPW’s culture focuses on the development of sustainable habits, foundational movement development and supportive community.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

Nick Dennis
Nick Dennis
I joined the OPF 6 month weight loss program and have seen absolutely amazing results !! peptides, IV drips, targeted nutrition and exercise programming that was offered was a life changer. I never knew my body could feel this good. Mental and physical increases and the results…I cant even put into words! The program is very organized and well structured. Luke is a great guy and extremely knowledgeable. The team at OPF is absolutely outstanding highly recommend.
Jordan Shim
Jordan Shim
Amazing crew and service at OPF! Super knowledgeable staff and they make you feel very welcomed. I have done 1:1 training with them in the past, and came in today for my first IV drip. They made it a super simple process and I can already feel the difference. Highly recommend!
Samantha Marinkovich
Samantha Marinkovich
I went and got an immunity IV at OPF and the experience was amazing. It was my first IV and I was nervous but the entire process was smooth and Luke and the nurse consistently checked up on me to make sure I was okay. The entire atmosphere feels like a spa. I can’t highly recommend enough!
Giuseppe Quarata
Giuseppe Quarata
I had the best experience during the grand opening of the IV studio. I really wanted to get the IV Immunity Boost but because I had to catch a flight, I could only get the IM Shot. IV Therapy Session takes about 30 minutes, IM Shot takes 5 minute. From the moment I entered the studio, I saw only professionalism. Luke invited me to fill out a form that was then given to Dr. Frank. After discussing with Dr. Frank about my health, he suggested the immunity boost that I wanted to get. I appreciate that they have a doctor ready to check your health before you get an IV. For example, my wife is pregnant and because we spoke with the doctor there, he told us that we should dilute the IM shot since she is pregnant. These are things that we don't know, and it is great to be able to speak with a professional. All of this is included in the price of the IV session or IM Shot. I am super grateful, and when I get back, I will have to try the IV Therapy for sure!
Benson A
Benson A
If you’re looking to take the next step regarding your health and performance, consider seeing my guy Luke at OPF about IV therapy. I came in to get an immune boost IV drip to help this flu/cold season and ensure I’m always ready to go and enjoy life. Luke’s team members at OPF are caring and professional. You will receive a Doctor’s consultation in-house before the therapy to make sure everything is optimal and safe. The doctor is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all possible questions I have regarding the IV therapy. During the therapy the team made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Highly recommended to check out OPF if you’ve been curious about IV therapy and its benefits!
Renee Donovan
Renee Donovan
Went to Optimum for an IV appointment. It’s not something I’ve ever done before, so being fairly green to the process- they created such a thorough and comprehensive plan custom to me & my life. Can’t speak highly enough of the nurses & the services they provide.
Defne C
Defne C
I met Luke when I was looking for a personal trainer to help with my rehab after a knee surgery. I wanted to transition from Physiotherapy focusing just on my knee to being able to exercise my full body again. I find it really hard to make time for exercise with a very busy work schedule. Luke has been amazing on this journey, he is very supportive, approaches our training holistically, paying attention to not only the progress in my body but also my overall motivation and wellbeing. Not only Luke but the whole team here are approachable and friendly. The environment is not intimidating at all, they cater for a large variety of clients ranging from professional athletes to those who simply need to learn how to use their body and exercise. I can now jog again and keep learning more about how to take care of my body.
Phil MacEachron
Phil MacEachron
Perfect gym for personal training. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. All of the trainers are knowledgeable, motivational, and awesome people to work out with. The team here really cares about helping you succeed in your goals, and gets invested in your health and fitness.
CTB Admin
CTB Admin
I've been fortunate to have the guidance of strength and conditioning coaches throughout my life.  Over the past decade, I've been actively involved in running my own basketball program. When searching for a local high end fitness facility,  Optimum Peak Fitness (OPF) caught my attention as the perfect choice to enhance my foundation encompassing mobility, stability, and strength, while simultaneously elevating my athletic performance. What sets OPF apart is their unique approach to movement, grounded in solid biomechanical principles. Their coaches collectively embody this philosophy, consistently prioritizing effective techniques. Notably, OPF offers a range of invigorating classes, including YOGA, HIIT, and circuit training, thoughtfully scheduled and infused with remarkable energy.
Susan Baquero-Young
Susan Baquero-Young
I started workout sessions 2x week with Luke approximately 2 1/2 months ago. I'm over 50, active and in relatively good cardio/vascular condition, but I wanted help with muscle tone, flexibility and overall stability. Luke has been great for all of this. He asks each session how my body is feeling and works on problem areas if something is tight. He reviews my overall fitness and well being goals regularly. He knows how to read me and push me just beyond my comfort level without any occurring any overuse injuries. I truly enjoy my work out with him each time I go. His entire team seems very professional and friendly. They know everyone by their first names even if they don't work out with that particular client. I am very impressed by this. I would recommend Optimum Peak Fitness to to anyone who wants to improve their fitness- to the person who is just starting out, to the person who has had prior muscle/joint injuries or to the elite athlete working to improve their performance.

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Transform your health with Optimum Peak Wellness! We offer flexible in-house and at-home weight loss programs to fit your needs. Our in-house programs provide personalized support, semaglutide, peptide therapy, and revitalizing IV infusions. For at-home convenience, try our semaglutide or peptide programs with tailored plans, workout videos, nutrition guides, and ongoing support.




Unlock the natural power of peptides for safe and effective weight loss. Our Peptide Therapy program utilizes cutting-edge compounds that work with your body’s systems to optimize metabolism, boost energy, and support sustainable weight management. With personalized protocols, expert guidance, and convenient options for in-house or at-home treatment, you’ll experience a holistic and science-backed approach to reaching your weight loss goals and achieving enhanced overall well-being.



Supercharge your wellness with our revitalizing IV therapy program. These customized infusions deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream for rapid absorption and maximum benefits. Experience boosted energy levels, improved hydration, enhanced immune function, and accelerated weight loss results. Our in-house IV therapy program provides tailored blends and expert administration for optimal support throughout your wellness journey.



A CEP is a specialized healthcare professional trained to assist patients with chronic illnesses and multiple health conditions, where exercise has proven to be beneficial. This includes a range of conditions such as cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, immunologic, hematologic, neuromuscular, and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Our CEP employs scientific principles to conduct clinical exercise assessments, design tailored exercise programs, provide guidance on physical activity, oversee exercise sessions, and offer health education and promotion. This comprehensive approach aids in recuperation from illness and plays a crucial role in the prevention or management of your chronic condition.


Physical Fitness and Wellness Programs can serve as powerful tools for alleviating discomfort and enhancing general health. Consistent physical activity has demonstrated its ability to diminish discomfort and augment physical capabilities in individuals dealing with chronic pain conditions. Beyond its physical advantages, habitual exercise also contributes to the betterment of mental and emotional health.



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yoga classes


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